Event Management

There are many different elements that go into making your events and conferences what you want them to be; we have made it our mission to make each one of those elements equally excellent. We recognize that no two events are the same and therefore no two have the same needs, so with White Tie, each event gets the unique, specialized attention it deserves. Bottom line, our ECM team is here to help you make your next event a success, no matter how intimate or extravagant the job may be.

We do this by:

  • Assembling a custom, diverse team of professionals with years of experience for each event or conference in order to effectively meet that gathering’s needs
  • Employing team leads that have the unique job of taking those years of experience and using their expertise to create a custom plan for your event
  • Only providing the services that your event needs. For example, you may simply need us to fill the gaps of your internal team by providing extra staff or venue coordination OR you may want our team to plan and execute all conference elements so you can focus on the other components of your business – regardless you only get the services you want!

Ready to help us help you?